Top 10 Random Basic Weaknesses That Just Suck

I truly apologize if you read last week’s blog. Maybe you were hoping for a Top 10-Lidy focusing on light-hearted subject or a list that actually focuses on the best of the best. Instead here we are again, a Top 10 focusing on something we’ve all developed a very special relationship with: Random basic weaknesses.Continue reading “Top 10 Random Basic Weaknesses That Just Suck”

Top 10 Enemies You Hate To Draw

Enemies. Don’t we all just love to hate them? Well, fellow Investigators, today we are taking a closer look at all these badboys (and girls). From aloof to massive. From hunter to retaliate. From a small pest to a big boss. Enemies come in different shapes and sizes. So, for your entertainment and the lossContinue reading “Top 10 Enemies You Hate To Draw”

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